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Know God in a Year #111 Decisive Action

All day the conviction grows that Messiah is among them. By evening the people eat their fill of the bread God supplies, and can only think of what Jesus could do for their nation–heal soldiers, feed whole armies, break the power of the hated Romans… And the disciples agree with the multitude that they should take him and make him king, force their leaders to honor him.

They believe that modesty keeps Jesus from exalting himself. They don’t understand God’s plan, but Jesus understands theirs, and what the results of it would be–violence and cutting short his work–this is not the Passover where He will be the lamb, that is another year away.

He acts decisively. Calling his disciples he tells them to take the boat to Capernaum at once, and he will dismiss the people and meet up with them later.

Never had his command seemed so hard to do. They are upset and frustrated with him, and can’t stand that nothing should come of all this great enthusiasm. They protest, and now Jesus speaks with an authority not used on them before. Surprised, they comply, but they are not happy.

With kingly bearing Jesus commands the people, “It’s time to go now.” Even as they are coming toward him to take him physically and make him king.

Men of strong mind and muscle stop, praises fading, questioning looks replace determination, recognizing an unearthly power before them.

A  few decisive words, their energy drops, and they leave, powerless.

Matthew 14:21-23,  Mark 6:44-47,  John 6:14-16

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