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Know God in a Year #112 Disappointed Hopes


The people leave, frustrated.

Jesus gets much-needed alone time with God. The misunderstanding of people, especially his closest friends, is painful to him. He knows how hard his coronation of suffering will be for them. Plus the pain and temptation their misperception will bring on them. Their hopes are based on popular opinion, and they will soon be dashed–rocked by the opposite and almost impossible test of his crucifixion. He prays for them with tears. Without Ruach’s eyes, they won’t get through Satan’s deceptions.

The disciples had left Jesus impatient with him, complaining to each other. Imagine their conversation, “We shouldn’t have let him down. If we had been stronger we could have made him king. We had all that support!”

“We may never have another crowd like that! Will He never assert his authority and show the rabbis who he really is?”

And at least one doubtful voice asks, “Is he really the Messiah?”

Negativity is poisoning their perspective with unbelief, bringing on themselves spiritual darkness. They so want him honored, and them with him. Disappointment swallows the heaven-like joy of the day. They are unreasonable and God allows something real to focus their minds. A storm, they haven’t noticed approaching, strikes suddenly with them unprepared.

They struggle against the wind and walls of water, getting way off course, and finally about 4 a.m. give themselves up as lost. They long for Jesus presence and, of course, then he comes to them, walking across the water.

They see a light, think he’s a ghost, and terrified, cry out in fear.

Matthew 14:22-29,  Mark 6:45-49,  John 6:14-19

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