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Know God in a Year #113 Light Comes in Response to Longing


“Don’t be afraid; it ‘s me!” Jesus says, just as they recognize him. They can’t believe it! He walked to them across the water? Within the storm?

Peter, overjoyed at seeing Jesus, says, “Lord, if it is you, let me come to you on the water.”

“Come,” says Jesus.

Peter gets out of the boat, and looking at Jesus, walks on the water! But he turns to smile at his friends behind, and then turning back, a wave hides Jesus. Fear grasps Peter and he begins to sink into the water.

“Lord, save me!” he cries, reaching up.

Immediately, Jesus grabs his hand and pulls him up, smiling and hugging him. “Why did you doubt?” he asks.

Together they walk on the water to the boat, Peter holding onto Jesus.

There is no self-sufficiency in any of them now, least of all Peter. They acknowledge him to be the Son of God–the Messiah.

Immediately they arrive at Capernaum and it is dawn.

They had failed to trust him. They took their eyes off of who he was. But he never took his eyes off of them. He knew where they were and what they were going through the whole time–Ruach showing him–like a caring, but non-interfering parent watching precious children. These are the men who will light the world when he is gone.

At the moment their hearts were humbled and turned toward him, asking for help, returning to faith; he came and rescued them.

And that is all it has ever taken or ever will take for us to get rescued, too.

Matthew 14:27-33,  Mark 6:50-52,  John 6:19-21

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