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Know God in a Year #114 Who Do You Depend On?

Peter is given an opportunity to learn his need of dependence from walking on water, because Abba hopes he can avoid the painful failure coming.

This is Ruach’s answer to Jesus’ prayer. He hopes this experience will teach all of them their need to depend on God. He knows the disillusionment that is ahead for them, and the temptations that Satan has contrived, especially for Peter, who will need to distrust himself and rely completely on God.

Not learning it, he will fail the test Satan is designing for him… Peter is weakest where he thinks he is strong, and until he realizes it, and really understands himself, he cannot be helped.

Depending on himself, fear and unbelief could have taken his life, and that is what Jesus hoped to teach them through the storm and Peter’s walking on the water–their need of complete dependence on God. But they are slow to learn, as are we.

Depending on another person makes us codependent and unhealthy; depending on ourselves sets us up for failure when the dark side attacks; depending on God makes us truly ourselves.

In focusing on Jesus we are safe. He doesn’t call us to follow him and then leave us. He says, “I have called you by your name, you are mine. When you pass through the water, I will be with you…when you walk through the fire you will not be burned…”* I am always with you even through the end of the world.”** We can know we are safe.

*Isaiah 43:1-3,  **Matthew 28:20

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