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Know God in a Year #115 Necessary Crisis

Disappointed people will turn against you.

Jesus knows that not fulfilling Israel’s expectations of him will cause a turning point, changing their praises to curses. But it can’t be avoided. Their misperceptions of his kingdom have to be corrected, they must be undeceived. Their desires are for power, wealth, and greatness. He came to heal hearts.

The next day the people cover the area looking for Jesus, knowing he had stayed behind. They finally find him at Capernaum in the synagogue and ask how he got there.

And even though the disciples recount their whole story of the storm with Jesus walking to them across the water, they want to hear it from Jesus.

He doesn’t oblige. He wants them to seek spiritual food rather than miracles. Sadly, he confronts them, “You follow me for what I can do for you. Don’t work for physical food, but for food that provides spiritual life.”

“What work does God want us to do?” they ask, for the moment interested in how they can gain God’s approval.

“The work of God is to believe me, the One He sent.” God’s favor comes through recognizing God’s character in Jesus. Heaven’s price is believing that God is like Jesus.

The people don’t choose to accept this as coming from God. It doesn’t fit their picture of who the Messiah will be, and what he will do for them.

They think, If he is our Messiah why doesn’t he provide health and riches for all his people and freedom from oppressors? We don’t need love!

John 6:22-29

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