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Know God in a Year #117 Proof Proves Unbelief

Jesus clearly claims to be their Messiah, and then he adds, “You have seen Me, but don’t believe.”

They had seen him through the evidence of how he treated them, Ruach’s power accompanying his words and acts. If they refuse to believe this, further demonstration would be pointless. Unbelief can reason away proof, and always find excuses for doubt.

Again he attempts to reach their hearts, saying, “Everyone the Father draws, will come to me, and no one will be refused. It is Abba’s will for all to see the Father’s love in the Son, be resurrected on the last day, and live forever.”

Jesus says, if you come, you can’t be lost. None come unless drawn by Abba’s love, but Ruach is drawing everyone–from every nation on earth and every religious persuasion! Only those who resist His love will not be drawn to Him!

The leaders are offended, and try to prejudice the people against him by speaking of his commonness. They know this lowly Galilean carpenter, of poor (and doubtful) parentage. He is not worthy of their time and consideration.

Jesus doesn’t try to explain his birth or how he’d come from heaven. He has purposely become a servant, so that his words and actions will show his character, and that will be the only attraction. Those open to God will recognize him.*

Jesus will conquer evil, sin and death. But “Conquering Hero” is not how He wants to be known. He wants to be known as our true Love first.

John 6:36-51   *John 1:14

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