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Know God in a Year #119 Why Choice?

Why does Jesus push a choice now when he knows many will leave?

He knows the twelve are bound to him by love, but the influence of those only wanting glory for Israel or themselves will detract from their education. Strong ties will be formed that would make their defection during his passion even more confusing and painful. Now is the time for choosing. There is only one year left.

Jesus knows the severity of the test that is coming to his twelve closest disciples. He knows they really don’t understand his mission either. Compassion drives him to separate the followers who are only there to serve their own interests from those who really want truth.

So here in the synagogue at Capernaum he drives home the message of spiritual change. Those who don’t want to look at themselves, give up the false self, and learn from him, will not come to Him and become their true selves.

Many choose to disbelieve and leave him. So he says to the twelve, “Will you leave also?”

Peter, ever ready with an answer, says what they are all thinking, “Where would we go? We believe you are the Messiah, the Son of God; only you have words that make us feel loved and alive.”

Jesus’ response shows his pain over our human dilemma–the horrible battle being fought for our wills–the choice required of everyone, “I chose you, and even one of you is controlled by the devil.”

We live in a war zone.  It’s important to know.

John 6:59-71

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