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Know God in a Year #123 Defeating Pride and Prejudice

Jesus wants more than simply healing the Phoenician woman’s daughter. He wants to tear down the walls that exist between Israel and all others. He wants to teach them that God loves everyone. All are heirs to His gifts and blessings, along with the Jews.

But the disciples are slow learners.

Their prejudice is long-standing and deep; and Jesus gives them lesson after lesson. In their minds, the Samaritans knew about God, and the Centurion had been kind to the Jews, so these had some claim to Jesus’ gifts.

Now Jesus shows them how he wants them to regard a “total heathen” who has no claim at all on his gift of healing. They believe he is too generous dispensing his gifts. So he takes them to the borders of Tyre and Sidon to show that his love is for everyone, not for only one race or nation.

This woman is one of “the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” It is Israel’s God-appointed work--which they had neglected, in fact rejected–that Jesus is doing. Healing the heathen woman’s daughter begins to show the disciples that others are also longing for a touch from God, hungering for what has been so generously given the Jews.

Pride and prejudice have built huge walls between different classes and nations. Jesus desires us to trust him as the woman of Phoenicia dared to, regardless of appearances and discouragement.

Nothing but your own personal choice prevents you from participating in God’s promises and living in His loving presence.

Acts 17:26,27,  Galatians 3:28,  Proverbs 22:2,  Romans 10:11-13

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