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Know God in a Year #125 Beware of Pretenders

Jesus and company cross the lake to Magdala. Back in Galilee, where his greatest miracles were done, he is met by a deputation of Pharisees and Sadducees who have joined forces against him.
Typically, these groups hate each other: the Pharisees foster hatred for Romans; the wealthy Sadducees “kiss-up” to their Roman rulers. But as often happens, a common enemy unifies them.
“Master,” one speaks for them, “show us a sign in the heavens.”
The disciples are excited. Maybe this will convince them. But Jesus reads them, and knows that no sign will make any difference to their scripture-filled minds. Their hearts need makeovers.
So he answers, “If the sky is red at evening you say, ‘Tomorrow will be fair weather.’ If it’s red in the morning, you say, ‘Bad weather today’. You pretenders! You can read the weather, so why can’t you read the signs of your times? No sign will be given this perverse generation but the sign of Jonah.”
There is only one more sign for them–crucifixion and resurrection. An Assyrian king and people, known for their violence, repented for Jonah who had spent parts of three days in a whale to bring them God’s message. Jesus is on a parallel mission.
At that, Jesus, and his, get back in the boat and leave for the north shore.  The disciples are silent–disappointed. Finally Jesus says, “Beware of Pharisee yeast.” (Yeast symbolized sin and evil.)
The disciples worry–that they didn’t bring bread.
“Really?” says Jesus, “You don’t know yet that I can provide bread? I’m talking about their arrogant attitudes. Their closed minds. Their influence.”
Matthew 15:39-16:12   Mark 8:10-21

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