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Know God in a Year #128 Facing Reality

Long before He came here, God saw and planned his path through our world. He chose to come, for the joy it would bring the universe, not caring about the pain of it.*
Now that His disciples  believe he is their Messiah, Jesus pulls back the curtain on the future, and tells them that he is going to suffer at the hands of the priests and elders and be killed and rise again the third day.
They are grief-stricken. It doesn’t compute. He has just affirmed their acknowledgement that he is Messiah, then how…? They deny the pain of believing him, still expecting that something will turn their leaders around and Jesus will reign on the throne of David.
Peter can’t be quiet, jumping up he takes hold of Jesus as if to protect him from his words, “No Lord, this shall never happen to You!”
Peter speaks from love, but his words are not helpful to Jesus or the other disciples.
His words bring a strong response from Jesus, “Get behind me Satan, don’t discourage me from accepting God’s way, wanting me to go the way of men.” Jesus recognizes the true culprit behind the temptation that Peter’s blind love presents. Peter’s misguided love is used by Satan to again tempt Jesus to take an easier way, just as he did in the wilderness temptation.
Peter is shocked. Did Jesus just call me Satan?
Knowing Peter can’t yet understand what just happened, I imagine Jesus holds his wounded disciple, explaining for him and the others that he was addressing the one who inspired Peter’s words.
Matthew 16:21-23,  Mark 8:31-33   *Psalm 40:7,8

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