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Know God in a Year #130 Two Laws in Collision

For six days the disciples are depressed, talking sadly together, questioning each other in low tones, afraid to ask Jesus more.
He gives them time to process their feelings, knowing their difficulty.
They can’t see the cosmic view of two laws in conflict: the Law of Death, and the Law of Life. Satan has activated the Law of Death with his choice to rebel against God. Pretending to love brings death, but finding your true self in being loved and giving love brings life.
They don’t understand that God is on trial before the whole universe* and that the cross is necessary before the crown. They had been taught that Messiah would reign… but their leaders had skipped that first he must suffer to answer the fraudulent charges against Elohim, and show Their character of unselfish, giving love to everyone.
The disciples believe he’s been sent to rescue the Jews. It is beyond their comprehension that he is rescuing the whole universe from a misunderstanding of God and putting an end to evil. His mission is bigger than they can imagine.
It is unthinkable to them that Jesus would voluntarily go back to Jerusalem and accept what he has just told them will happen to him. How can he allow his death and leave us?
It will be many months before each one will understand that Jesus’ disciple will deny the easily acquired false self, admit his own brokenness, and trust Abba enough to walk with Ruach through the refining fire into true self and true life that never ends.**
*Romans 3:4 (NEV is clearest, but most translations give this view–even KJV)   **Luke 9:23-25

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