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Know God in a Year #131 God Pulls Back the Curtain

A week after his disturbing death revelation, Jesus calls Peter, James, and John, and leads them across fields and up a rugged mountain path. They have been walking, teaching, and healing all day and are tired.
The sunset lights the path with brilliance and then fades and they continue in twilight and darkness. The three wonder why this climb, now? but assume it is for prayer.
Soon Jesus says, “Let’s stop here; pray with me,” and then steps aside and begins to pray.
He pours out his heart with tears, asking that he will have the strength to go through the test before him and not fail. He prays for them to have understanding and acceptance. He has seen their grief, their gloom of disillusionment, and longs to relieve it.
They join him in prayer, but soon, overcome by fatigue, fall asleep.
Jesus asks for some demonstration of his divine glory to comfort and convince these followers that his horrible death is part of the plan he must fulfill, that he is who they believe he is.
His prayer is answered. Radiance shines from the heavens and covers him bowed on the ground. Agony gone, he rises shining like the sun in godlike majesty, to meet two guests.
Moses and Elijah are sent from heaven to comfort and encourage Jesus. Elijah represents those to be translated, and Moses those resurrected. Eager angels aren’t given this privilege, but two humans who were close to him during their own difficult lives (as Adonai before He became Jesus). 
Matthew 17:1-2,  Mark 9:2-3,  Luke 9:28-29

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