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Know God in a Year #132 More than Asked

The answer to Jesus prayer brought more than asked.
The disciples awaken and reorient to their surroundings. They see Jesus radiant and glowing with light like they’ve never seen. As their eyes adjust, they see him speaking with Moses and Elijah. They’ve never seen them, yet they know them. This must be the rescue they’ve anticipated–Elijah has come to set up Christ’s kingdom!
Peter, overcome with joy, says, “Thank you for sharing your good news with us! If you want, we’ll set up a base of operations on this spot.”
But they missed the conversation; Abba has sent two humans who understand what it is to feel lonely and misunderstood to encourage his Son. Both of them suffered greatly here, and have been speaking with Jesus about the importance of his mission, assuring him that all heaven is focused here, is cheering for him, and he will succeed.
This was while the disciples were sleeping–they missed information God would have shared to help them. So now, a bright cloud envelopes them, and a voice says, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am very pleased. Listen to him.” And then it is gone.
Terrified, they are on their faces on the ground.
“Get up” Jesus says gently, touching them, “Don’t be afraid.” And they look up and see only Jesus. The light and the visitors are gone. Only the memory, wonder, and awe remain. It went too fast! God wanted to share more with them, but they were sleeping.
Matthew 17:3-7,  Mark 9:4-8,  Luke 9:30-36

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