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Know God in a Year #133 Contrasts

As Jesus and the three come down the mountain the sun is rising. They have been on the mountain all night. Each is wrapped in his own thoughts, they are silent and awed, processing. Then Jesus says, “Don’t tell anyone what you saw until I am risen from the dead.”
Why does he keep talking about death? they wonder. Finally one of them gets up his courage and asks, “Why do the scribes say that Elijah comes first?”
Jesus answers, “Elijah does come. Actually, he has already come, and they did what they wanted to him. Like him, the Messiah will suffer at their hands.”
They realize he is talking about John the Baptist. More confusion. The reference is clear, but then what was that on the mountain?
As they reach the bottom, they see a large crowd gathered. Scribes are there questioning and taunting the other nine. One look at them, and Jesus asks, “Why are you harassing my followers?”
A  man steps forward, “I brought you my son who has a mute spirit. It makes him grind his teeth and foam at the mouth and cut himself, but your disciples couldn’t cast it out.”
Jesus sighs, his eyes piercing through the hearts of the sporting scribes, but comforting his confused disciples. The contrast between Moses and Elijah, and the attitude of these Pharisees jars Jesus’ spirit, “Oh faithless generation, how long do I have to stay and put up with you?”
Embracing the father, he says, “Bring your son to me.”
Mark 9:9-19,  Luke 9:37-41,   Matthew 17:9-17

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