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Know God in a Year #135 Waiting for Teachable Moments

As Jesus takes his disciples back to Capernaum he avoids the crowds. He wants to prepare them for what is ahead, and he continues to speak to them about his coming betrayal into enemy hands. He has said they’re heading for Jerusalem, so they are thinking it’s “kingdom” time.
They’ve been lagging behind, arguing about who should be greatest in his kingdom, even though they know what he has said… He longs to counsel them, but waits for a quiet time when they can relax and be open to his words.
As they walk to Peter’s house, the treasurer for the temple approaches him asking, “Doesn’t your master pay the temple tax?”
Peter, zealous for Jesus’ reputation, says, “Of course,” (not realizing the trap they’ve set.) The collector is implying that Jesus isn’t a prophet and isn’t exempt from the tax. If he pays it, he’s admitting as much. Jesus ignores the controversy, knowing their intent.
He catches the teachable moment later, in the house, and says to Peter, “What do you think, Simon? Do kings tax their children or strangers?”
“Strangers,” says Peter, wondering.
“Then the children are exempt,” smiles Jesus, and Peter remembers declaring Jesus the son of God, and seeing it confirmed on the mountain a few days ago.
Suddenly Peter realizes the trap he was caught in.
Jesus continues, “But not to offend them, go to the lake, the first fish you catch will have a coin in its mouth. Take it and pay my tax and yours.”
 Peter “gets” it: Remember who I AM and be bold!
Matthew 17:22-27,  Mark 9:30-32,  Luke 9:44-46

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