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Know God in a Year #138 Humility is Being Teachable

Jesus teaches on humility.
It isn’t feeling bad about yourself. It is realizing you don’t know everything–letting God be God and teach you.
Jesus explains the way things work here, saying we should treat others as we want them to treat us, or better, as we want God to treat us. What you give others comes back to you–you become what you do.
About defensiveness he says, “Don’t hide or justify your behavior. Admit it, face consequences, and trust Me. Let Me protect you, turn your fear into joy, your doubt into hope. Deal drastically with anything that comes between us.”
He tells them the story of the shepherd who is missing one sheep; “leaves 99 in the fold, and goes looking until he finds that one.” That’s how God feels about us! He doesn’t want to lose even one of us!
But he is realistic. He speaks of sad choices that come because of offenses (evil). Pain will come, but it is sadder for the person who gives it than for the receiver. Why would that be?
Because those giving evil are becoming what they give–developing habits–character scripts. They become evil.
Jesus also gives a detailed plan for dealing with defiance: Clear, personal, direct and respectful. Confront privately; don’t expose unless necessary. In matters of the heart, a delicate touch is needed.
Finally he reminds them that our choices are honored and powerful, some lasting forever. He assures that if two of us agree on asking anything good, our heavenly Father will do it. We aren’t alone. We are loved.
Matthew 18:7-20

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