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Know God in a Year #141 Water that Satisfies

On the morning of the last day of their Thanksgiving festival is the ceremony symbolizing the water that flowed when Moses struck the rock in the wilderness. A beautiful and impressive feast of color and sound, it teaches that Abba  provides.
Afterwards, Jesus’ heart aches for those who are weary from festivities that dazzle them but do nothing to satisfy their thirsty hearts when longing for assurance of God’s love and care.
Standing up, his voice ringing in the temple, he  cries, “If any of you is thirsty, come to me and drink. If you believe in me, living water will flow from you!”
The people are startled. It’s as if he reads their minds; his words reach into their sad, dissatisfied, tired hearts, stirring hope again. Ruach impresses their minds with the connection between him and what they have just watched, and many believe he is the Messiah.
Even the temple guards, sent by the Pharisees to bring Jesus to the Sanhedrin, are awed and return without him.
“Why didn’t you bring him?” the “authorities” ask.
“We’ve never heard anyone talk like him,” they reply simply–slightly embarrassed.
“You’re just like these cursed people! Have any of our leaders believed?” Enraged, the priests are ready to go fetch him themselves.
Then a voice of reason speaks, “Does our law condemn anyone before hearing him?” It’s Nicodemus.
The whole assembly is checked and silent. Surprised by him, they react with sarcasm, “Are you a Galilean? Go search scripture; no prophet comes from Galilee!”
They act ignorant of the prophecy, but it is enough to stop the madness.
John 7:30-53

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