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Know God in a Year #143 A New Beginning

The woman cowers before Jesus, eyes to the ground, waiting for rocks to start hitting her. His words, “The one who hasn’t sinned may cast the first stone,” sounded like a death sentence.
Eyes to the ground, she is amazed when feet turn and walk away.
Jesus stands up and asks, “Where are your accusers? No one has condemned you?”
A small voice answers, “No one.”
“Neither do I,” says Jesus. “Go and live in Ruach.”
Her heart melts and she falls sobbing at his feet. She can’t believe what she has just heard.
A  moment ago she was sure her life was over, but now it seems it is just beginning. Peace, love, and joy flood her as sobs release all the shame, guilt, and sadness of her life.
And never has Jesus looked better to those watching.
He has just performed a greater miracle than healing the worst disease. He hasn’t set aside the law of Moses or infringed on the authority of Rome. Rather he has shown the love and forgiveness of Abba to one who is considered weak and worthless–an outcast.
She becomes an ardent follower of Jesus from that day on.
What a difference from the attitude of the Pharisees! They hate the sinner but love the sin. While Jesus hates the sin but loves the sinner.
Jesus’ attitude towards her–slow to condemn, quick to discern repentance, ready to forgive and encourage–develops naturally and is experienced in all those who follow him.
John 8:7-11

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