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Know God in a Year #144 The Light

Later, after forgiving the adulteress, Jesus is teaching as the morning sun comes over Mt. Olivet and hits the gold and the white marble of the temple. Pointing to the dazzling reflection of sunlight he says, “I am the light of the world,” a powerful declaration of his identity, recorded later by John.*
The night before had been the last ceremony of the week–the Festival of Light–when the temple courts were filled with dancing, and ablaze with lamps and lanterns commemorating the pillar of fire in the wilderness wandering of their ancestors.
Light had always been a symbol of Adonai’s presence–in the cloud, on Sinai, covering the sanctuary and then the temple.
Here He is as Jesus who continues, “If you follow me, you will have the light of life; you won’t walk in darkness.” His words are confident, convincing.
The forgiven woman, now in the back held there by a love she has never known, feels like he’s talking straight to her. It’s the best promise she’s ever heard.
But in saying this, Jesus claims unity with God, and the Pharisees who stayed are ready to challenge. “You can’t testify for yourself.”
“My witness is true because I know who I am. Your law requires two witnesses. I am one and my Father is the other.”
“Where is your father?”
“If you knew me, you would know Him,” answers Jesus. If their hearts were open to God’s love they would have recognized him.
“Who are you?” They’re pushing him to declare himself, thinking  the people will reject a poor, homeless Messiah.
John 8:12-19   *John 1:1-5

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