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Know God in a Year #145 The Truth Makes You Free

Jesus isn’t played by Pharisees to announce he is their Messiah. He goes beyond that–claiming oneness with God.
“If you follow me, you will know the truth, and the Truth will make you free.”
“We are Abraham’s descendants and aren’t enslaved to anyone.” The teachers are talking about spiritual freedom–Romans are all around reminding them of their occupation by Rome.
So Jesus picks it up, telling them they are in the worst kind of slavery–the unconscious kind. “If anyone sins, he is the slave of sin. If the Son makes you free, you are truly free.  Abraham’s children would be like him, and would recognize the one God sent. They wouldn’t be trying to kill me.” Again revealing he knows their hatred and plans for his death–instigated by Satan.
Now they sneer at him, “We weren’t born bastards!” (Implying that he was.) They get ugly fast! Satan controls the minds of those who refuse or ignore God. And God will not force our wills.
However, when we desire to be set free of Satan’s control, when we understand that separation from God (sin) kills us, and ask God to free us from Satan’s curse, Ruach empowers our choice with divine energy, restoring us.
Satan can only keep us captive by weakening our minds and destroying our freedom through mindlessness, confusion, addiction and lack of choice. But in the change that happens when you choose surrender to God, there is the highest sense of freedom.
Submission to God restores your true self–your true glory and dignity.*
John 8:30-41, *Psalm 8

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