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Know God in a Year #148 The Power of Closed Minds

When the formerly-blind man goes back to his neighborhood, people say, “Is this the blind guy that begged? He looks so different!”
“It’s me.” He assures them, and tells how Jesus healed him.
“You’ve gotta have the Priests certify this!” they say, and they all accompany him.
The Pharisees are amazed at his story, but ask, “How can this ‘healer’ be from God when he doesn’t keep the Sabbath?”
Their reaction causes much excitement around town and they keep hearing, “How can a sinner do such miracles?” So the Priests call the man again and ask ,”What do you say of this man?”
“He’s a prophet,” he assumes.
Next they call his parents to verify that he was born blind.
His parents have heard that anyone believing Jesus is the Messiah, will be thrown out of the synagogue for 30 days. At that time this meant you were totally ostracized–no services of any kind–even medical. So they deflected, “He is our son, and he was born blind, but as to his sight, ask him what happened. He’s an adult; he can speak for himself.”
The Pharisees bring the son in and try to silence him, seeing the publicity their opposition is creating. “Don’t say this man healed you; give God credit; we know Jesus is a sinner.”
“I don’t know if he’s a sinner, but I know I was blind and now I see,” the man responds.
Interrogating him more, the Pharisees try to confuse him, discounting his memory with many explanations and suppositions. False leaders steal joy.
John 9:8-26

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