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Know God in a Year #149 Those Who Think They See

Trying to discredit him, Pharisees again interrogate the formerly-blind man, “Exactly what did he do?”
Satan assists them in thinking they can confuse and control him–he’s uneducated– so they suggest, “Maybe this is from the devil…”
But Ruach gives him words, “I’ve told you what happened, why do you ask again? Do you want to follow him?”
“We follow Moses! We know God spoke to him. We don’t know this man!”
“Why this is truly amazing!” he responds, “a man opened my eyes, something never done for one born blind, and you don’t know if he’s from God! But we know God doesn’t hear sinners, so he must be.”
For moments there is stunned silence.
Then in contempt, they gather their robes as if to avoid contact with him, “Do you teach us? You were born in sin!” and they throw him out of the synagogue.
Hearing what has happened, Jesus finds him, “Do you believe in the Son of God?”
“Who is he, lord?” he has defended Jesus character, so more light is given him. For the first time he looks on the loving, peaceful face of Jesus and contrasts the rabbis’ frowns, the worried faces of his parents and he knows…
“It is I, who healed you,” says Jesus.
He falls at Jesus feet in gratitude and worship.
“I have come to give sight to the blind, and to blind those who think they see.”
Some Pharisees have gathered, “Are we blind?” they ask, catching the inference.
“You refuse to see the one God sent. Because of this, you are blind.” Jesus answers, honest and direct as usual.
John 9:24-41

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