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Know God in a Year #153 How God Wins

In Perea, Jesus sends out seventy disciples as he had sent the twelve before. These are followers who had enjoyed closer fellowship when the twelve were on their mission.
His instructions are much the same: heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, except the twelve were sent only to towns of Israel, the seventy are sent ahead of him to the Gentiles! And first to Samaria, the people who had just snubbed him!
The Samaritans had been petty, but his love toward them was the same, powerfully influencing his disciples.
Later, after hearing of Jesus’ regard for Samaritans–his early stay in a Samaritan village, healing a Samaritan leper, and his parable about the good Samaritan; they are won over. They see that his thoughts toward them were only love, even with their rudeness to him.
This helps us understand Jesus instructions to the 70 when they sound harsh, “…If they don’t receive you, shake off their dust as witness against them…,” Words are only 7% of communication according to research. I imagine you had to be there, to see his face and hear that the emphasis in Jesus’ words was his acceptance of their freedom.
These people were given the clearest manifestation of God, the best gift of heaven, and yet allowed their feelings to mislead them. It must have hurt that there was nothing more he could give them.
Jesus was so aware of the cosmic battle we live in–much more than we are–as seen in his words when the 70 return (next blog). How painful to him is our dim perception!
Now Jesus changes his methods, welcoming publicity. Everyone must be drawn to the finale–his death and resurrection.
Luke 10:1-16

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