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Know God in a Year #154 Success!

Jesus meets so much opposition and antagonism from leaders, and can explain so little of what he wants his disciples to understand, that the exuberant success of the returning 70 is pure joy to him.
“Lord,” they say excitedly, “the devils are subject to us in your name!”
Nodding and smiling, he exclaims, “I saw Satan fall from heaven!” (Broken humans have worked with God enough to overthrow Satan’s kingdom!)
Ruach has shown Jesus the whole cosmic war–past, present, and future:
–Satan originally cast out of heaven,
–Satan’s character finally fully exposed to the universe at Jesus’ crucifixion,
–the future universe forever free of Satan’s accusations, and deceptions.
He pictures Satan’s defeat, a few months ahead, and joyfully announces, “I have given you power over all the forces of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.” He wants us to accept his triumph as ours! To think of Satan as conquered!
But Jesus knows how quickly false-self rises to life through power and success, so he adds a caution, “Rejoice more in your connection with God than in your power over devils. You belong to the family of heaven!” He wants to make sure they understand the power is in the connection.
Then overflowing with emotion, he looks up, “I thank you, Father, for revealing Yourself to these spiritual babes, instead of to leaders who think they know You.”
Smiling on them, he says, “How happy I am that you have experienced this!”
Jesus sees ahead to evil’s effects ended as the cosmic conflict closes, and God’s peace fills the universe, and knows his mission is worth it.
Luke 10:1-24

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