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Know God in a Year #157 The Worst of all Evils

“Which do you think was a neighbor to the wounded man?” Jesus asks the lawyer questioning him.
The man won’t even say the word Samaritan, but answers, “The one that had mercy on him.”
Jesus simply says, “Go and do the same.”
Who is my neighbor? stands forever answered: it is anyone who needs your help, without thought of class, color, or creed. Everyone is the property of God by origin, and everyone has been robbed by His adversary.
Jesus is also giving a picture of himself and his mission. We were robbed of identity, beaten and bruised by Satan’s lies, and left to die without hope. Jesus left heaven to come and pick us up, put his robe on us, and take us to safety, tenderly caring for us at his own expense until we are well.
Sin is being separated from God with no identity, no hope. It is the worst of all evils.*
His object is to restore us and empower us to help others find their true selves.
Many are discouraged in their struggle with life. They need hope. If you’ve felt God’s comfort, you can offer it with kind words assuring them of His love and encouragement. Speak faith and courage that will bring healing strength into them.
Knowing God’s compassion, we cannot pass by suffering thinking this doesn’t concern me. Push back the enemy, no matter what kind of suffering.
Luke 10:36-37
*The Worst Evil– Losing Yourself: How Evil Robs us of True Self, is a book by Arla Caraboolad http://amazon.com/author/arlacaraboolad

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