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Know God in a Year #159 Become Truly You

Many have wondered why Jesus didn’t address the corruption, oppression, and cruelty in the governments of his day. He didn’t even work to change inequities in his culture!
He didn’t correct the cruelty of Rome, although he addressed it. He didn’t talk about the oppression of women, but he treated them with dignity and respect. He didn’t interfere with those in power because he wanted us to know that the remedy for our problems wasn’t in external fixes. The power to change our world wasn’t in power.
The reforms he came to set up had to start with the heart. Our regeneration must be individual and internal. He came to give spiritual heart transplants to everyone who realized they needed one and asked for it.
The only power that will work to bring about his kingdom is his Spirit healing and restoring the minds and hearts of broken humanity, bringing us back into oneness with God. All we have to do is want it and choose it.
To everyone who asks, he gives power to become truly you–a son or a daughter of the God of the Universe. That makes us majesty! This is our glory–to become fully alive in Them, fully our true selves.*
The glory of God is Their character of love.** The power that heals our brokenness is from Them.  Ruach’s presence, and His Words change our characters into love.
Meditating on Jesus life (imagining yourself there) allows you to know God, believe, and experience Love yourself. In the process you become truly you.
John 1:12-13,   *1John 3:1-2, **Exodus 33

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