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Know God in a Year #161 Mother Love

In Jesus time it was customary to bring children to rabbis to be blessed.
Ruach gives an unnamed mother the idea to take her baby to Jesus. Before leaving, she tells one of her friends, who decides to bring her child too. By the time these mothers find Jesus, there is a group of them with children in tow and excited about their mission.
The disciples, usually seated directly in front of Jesus, for some reason are on the outskirts of the crowd, and stop them.
“We’d like Jesus to bless our children,” a mother says timidly.
“No, Jesus is busy teaching,” says his disciple, his tone and attitude implying that his time is too valuable for such things.
Eyes fill with tears, mothers turn away, but Jesus has seen this and calls, “Allow the children to come. Don’t stop them!” They run to him.
He takes them in his arms, sits them on his lap, smiling and blessing them. He enjoys their joy, and is refreshed by their purity of heart after the crafty duplicity of adults.
Jesus has a heart for mothers, and these are comforted and encouraged. He knows a mother’s love–it is closest to his own.
Mama, Jesus knows how difficult your job can be, especially if you are alone, or in poverty. He loves to help, so ask him, and trust that he will answer the best way possible.
He, who walked long distances to relieve a Canaanite mother’s anxiety, and to restore the only son of a widow, still feels the same today, and he will help you. Ask.
Matthew 19:13-14,  Mark 10:13-14,  Luke 18:15-16

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