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Know God in a Year #165 Is This How You Treat Your Friends?

Mary and Martha send a message to Jesus in Galilee, “The one you love is very sick.”
Jesus thanks the messenger and returns the message, “Tell them this illness won’t end in death.”
His disciples are surprised, they expected him to leave immediately to go to his friends. Some think his reaction is uncaring; others think he should stay away from Jerusalem. All are troubled, wondering why he doesn’t go to Mary and Martha. Some even doubt his calling, as Satan reminds them that he had let John die in prison. Will he ignore us in trial or loss? Is this how he treats his friends?
After two days Jesus says, “Let’s go to Judea.”
Why didn’t he go two days ago? they wonder. They had decided he was staying away from Jerusalem because of threats, so they say, “Lord, they tried to kill you there!”
“If you’re doing your own thing, you should worry, but if you’re walking with God, there’s no need to,” he responds, and then continues, “Our friend Lazarus is asleep; I’ll go wake him.”
They naturally think he’s talking about sleep and say, “But Lord, if he’s sleeping he’ll get well. Why go now?” His timing is a mystery to them.
Then he clears it up, “Lazarus is dead. And for your sakes, I’m glad I wasn’t there, so you’ll have more reason to believe. Let’s go to him.”
Thomas is known for doubt, but look at his love: Sure that they will all die, he rallies their loyalty and support saying, “Let’s go die with him.”
John 11:1-16

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