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Know God in a Year #170 Hard-wired for Struggle

Satan has been pressing Jesus with the need to continue his ministry. Why should he die now when he is in his prime? With so much suffering around, so much healing and grace to give? How can he leave his work to his bumbling few who don’t get it?
If the enemy can’t get him one way, he’ll try the opposite.
But now Jesus, in the perfect peace of oneness with the Father, chooses to turn toward Jerusalem and the Passover when he will replace the symbolic lamb and end the whole sacrificial system.
The disciples feel a mysterious fear and doubt. Again Jesus gathers them and outlines with definite clarity and detail that all the prophecies of a suffering Messiah are about to be fulfilled, that he will be put to death and rise again the third day.
But they still can’t hear him! Satan has so closed and clouded their minds that they prefer to think of prophecies on the glory of Messiah’s reign. They are sure that whatever he is talking about now, his kingdom will soon be set up.
Haven’t we just been preaching that the kingdom of God has come? Didn’t he promise us to sit on thrones? He said he’d restore to us a hundred times what we have given up to follow him!
It’s hard for Jesus to lead them forward to the pain and despair that await them, but his one purpose is the same as always: doing his Father’s will.
Matthew 20:17-19,  Mark 10:32-34,  Luke 18:31-34

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