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Know God in a Year #175 Inappropriate Honor?

Jesus is coming from Jericho to spend Sabbath with Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Simon, their uncle and a Pharisee, also lives in Bethany and learns this. Jesus had healed him of the living death of leprosy, and he wants to show his gratitude.

His healing allowed him to support Jesus and keep his position; no doubt, agreeing that his son, Judas Iscariot, should become a disciple making him look grateful. But while Simon hopes Jesus is the Messiah, he’s not convinced; and now physically well, he feels no spiritual need.

Nevertheless, he decides to honor Jesus with a dinner and asks Martha to cater it.
Curiosity brings many to see Lazarus, recently raised from the dead. However, not all who come want to honor Jesus.
Mary has often heard Jesus speak of his approaching death, and has saved to buy an alabaster jar of spikenard to anoint his body for burial. But lately she has heard talk that he will soon be crowned king.
Ruach uses her excitement to awaken a desire to be the first to honor him by pouring it on him now in gratitude. She thinks she can pull it off unnoticed. Forgetting that the fragrance will fill the room, she enters, puts some on his head and then kneels and pours it on his feet.
She forgets the others are there, her tears of gratitude fall on his feet, their bond secluding them. Having forgotten a towel, she unfastens her long hair, another suggestive intimacy, and uses it to dry his feet.
Judas is embarrassed. Cousin! How inappropriate at his father’s dinner!
(continued tomorrow)
Matthew 26:6-7,  Mark 14:3,  Luke 7:36-38,  John 12:1-3

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