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Know God in a Year #177 Criticism and Condemnation

Jesus knows Judas. He knows his need for approval, and that any confrontation would slam shut the door to his heart. This is the strongest he has spoken to him and it is directed to them all.
But Judas chooses to take offense and to ferment wounded pride into wanting revenge. After dinner, he goes straight to the palace of the high priest, and surprised at finding the council convened, offers to betray Jesus. The priests are overjoyed at the ease this gives them.
Judas had let greed grow inside until it had taken over every good trait. He envies and begrudges Jesus a gift appropriate for kings. For far less than it cost, he sells him out.
The eleven aren’t like Judas. They truly love Jesus; they just don’t fully appreciate who he is, distracted as they are by their own desires. Mary’s gift of love is a lesson they need. After his death, they blamed themselves instead of her.
Simon is embarrassed, perhaps his father-pride wounded. His ignorance of God leads him to worry, What are my guests thinking? If Jesus were a prophet he wouldn’t let Mary touch him, he would know she is a prostitute and not allow her such freedom with him.
But Jesus knows even more–that Mary had been deeply wronged by Simon, who had started her down the path he now condemns her for.  And yet not wanting to expose him in front of his friends, Jesus tells Simon a story.
(continued tomorrow)
Matthew 26:14-16,  Mark 14:10-11,  Luke 7:39-40

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