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Know God in a Year #178 Convicted by Kindness

Simon thinks Mary’s passionate display of affection is disgusting–that Jesus shouldn’t allow it. He doesn’t know God’s kindness, tenderness and mercy with sinners, even though Jesus had saved him from a living death.
Jesus knows what Simon is thinking and reveals to him, alone, that he knows his past with its responsibility toward Mary.
“Simon, I have a story for you,” says Jesus. “A  certain creditor had two debtors: one owed him five thousand dollars and the other fifty. Since neither had ability to pay, he forgave them both. Tell me, which one will love him most?”
“I suppose the one forgiven the most.” Simon pretends composure, holding his breath, he realizes that Jesus knows…Has Mary told him?
“You’re right. You didn’t wash my feet, but she has and dried them with her hair. Jesus continues, “You didn’t greet me with a kiss, but she has kissed my feet many times. Her sins, though great, are forgiven because she loves much.”
Simon breathes, grateful that Jesus hasn’t exposed him. He sees clearly now. He had thought himself more righteous than Mary, but Jesus has given new perspective. Convicted by kindness, Simon’s hard heart melts, and he becomes a true follower.
Jesus has freed Mary from demons seven times, but he knows the circumstances of her life, and sees her pure desire. The worse you have been, the more you need Jesus. He joyfully accepts all who come to him for restoration.
It was Mary the prostitute who dropped everything to sit at Jesus’ feet, anointed Jesus, stood by Jesus’ cross. Mary was first at his tomb, and was honored as first to see Jesus resurrected.
Luke 7:39-50

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