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Know God in a Year #180 Weeping for What Might Have Been

As the joyful procession from Bethany reaches the crest of Mount Olivet, about to descend into Jerusalem, Jesus stops.
Breathtaking is the temple in the golden afternoon sun, white marble glistening like snow, gold-topped pillars glittering–a sight inspiring pride in the people, elevating their spirits more, and yet Jesus is bent over on the colt, sobbing!
Those closest wonder, Whatever can be wrong? We are ready to crown him king and he is weeping as if brokenhearted!
Sorrow overwhelms Jesus as he looks at the beautiful symbol of what Israel might have been. How blessed their future could be if they accepted their Messiah. He knows that today is their last chance to accept him. Entering Jerusalem as king, will start a rapid progression to his death in six days.
And now, overcome with grief, he thinks of the contrast between what might have been and what will happen to Israel because of their pride. Spirit shows him the suffering of the city under siege, the temple destroyed, the city plowed, thousands of crosses covering Calvary. He briefly describes it for those closest, and sobs, “How can I give you up? If only you knew Me! If you would just recognize your Messiah, I could protect you from your enemies…”*
He collects himself, and they move on down the slope to Jerusalem, people shouting and singing the prophecies, seemingly unmindful of his pain.
Priests come and object, “Don’t you hear this disturbance?”
“It is God’s time to be heard,” Jesus replies. “If they are silent, the very stones will cry out.”
Matthew 21:9-11,  Luke 19:37-44,  John 12:17-19,  Zechariah 9:9, *Hosea 11:8

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