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Know God in a Year #181 Religion Reacts

As Jesus’ procession enters Jerusalem, the priests and rulers react. They’re afraid the people will make Jesus king, so they stir up the Roman soldiers telling them it’s insurrection.

However, when the soldiers go to Jesus, he quiets the crowd, and calmly tells the soldiers that his kingdom isn’t one like theirs, and that soon he will return to his Father, and it will be too late for the Jews to accept their Messiah. He speaks with such power, sadness, and dignity that the Roman officers are moved like never before, and feel more inclined to reverence him than arrest him.

They turn on the priests and blame them for the disturbance. There is so much commotion, Jesus and his disciples pass unnoticed to the temple where it’s empty and quiet. Sadly Jesus looks around at the empty temple knowing its fate, and then they leave and return to Bethany–the disciples confused and disappointed.

When the people look for him to place him on the throne, they can’t find him.

Jesus spends the entire night in prayer.

In the morning he goes back to the temple, and on the way walks through a fig orchard. It isn’t fig season and all the trees are bare, raising no expectations; except for one fully leafed out: it promises to have fruit. Jesus is hungry and hopeful. But there’s not a fig to be found. Its pretense is offensive, especially with such need, and thinking of Israel, Jesus says, “Your chance to bear fruit is over.”

Mark 11:11-13  Matthew 21:17-19

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