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Know God in a Year #182 Producing a Parable on Pretense

Jesus acts out a parable. Maybe it just happens. More likely Ruach set it up–its message is that important.
The fig tree along their way on Monday morning is falsely advertising fruit because figs come on before the leaves. A tree full of leaves means ripe figs. Jesus, hungry and needing food, sees none, and says to the tree, “May no one eat fruit from you again.” God hates pretense.
It was a barren tree–an accurate symbol of the nation God chose to be blessed with his message of saving love and forgiveness. The tree had put its energy into beautiful leaves instead of making fruit. Israel wanted to look good rather than know God and make Him look good–the whole reason they’d been chosen and honored as His ambassadors of Love. God needed true representatives because He had been slandered.
God had put Himself on trial before the universe. But Israel thought they were on trial, that God’s focus was on them. They taught that their goodness would bring God honor–a subtle twist on God’s goodness brings us honor. So instead of honoring God’s love and saving goodness, by meeting peoples’ needs, they focused on themselves. They honored themselves.
When their Messiah came, they didn’t comprehend their need. They didn’t think they needed a savior, except from the Romans… So they perceived him as an enemy, a heretic.
God’s love is life-energy that either melts your heart or hardens it with resistance–just as sun hardens clay but melts butter; there is nothing more He can do or give.
Cutting your life-line, makes death your only option. You destroy yourself.*
Mark 11:12-14, Matthew 21:18-19,  *Hosea 13:9

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