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Know God in a Year #187 Never Be Disappointed

When King Solomon’s temple was being built, the stones were prepared for building at the quarry. No tools were to be heard on site. The stones were brought and fit seamlessly together in their places.
One unusually large stone was brought to the site that didn’t seem to fit anywhere. It became annoying to the builders. It seemed always in the way, and they stumbled over it. It laid in the baking sun, the contracting frost, and the beating rain.
Then when the builders were looking for the stone to use as the cornerstone, to hold the weight of the entire building, they tried many stones that broke apart when they were put through various tests of atmospheric pressure and weight.
Finally someone noticed the huge rejected stone that had been laying around so long. The builders put it through one last test–severe pressure. It passed, was put in, and found to fit perfectly!
This story had become part of Jewish tradition, a prophecy of Messiah; and now Jesus refers to it, applying it to himself. He didn’t fit their concept, wasn’t what they wanted in a Messiah, and yet his suffering passed the test of extreme pressure, enough to redeem Adam’s guilt and that of the whole broken world–conquering evil and the whole dark side.
Jesus is the Cornerstone for those wanting a new life. Anyone who builds a future on him will never be disappointed. Just think of that! Never disappointed!
Matthew 21:42,  Mark 12:10-11,  Luke 25:17-18,  Psalm 118:22-23,  Isaiah 28:16,  1Peter 2:6-7

2 Responses to “Know God in a Year #187 Never Be Disappointed”

  1. Could you give me the source for this story about the stone? Thanks!

    • Sorry I’ve been so long in responding. I don’t know the Jewish source; I got it from The Desire of Ages by E. White, the book on Jesus life that my blog is based on.

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