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Know God in a Year #192 Tiny Gift Affirmed

Jesus continues to expose the phony leaders. “You guilt widows into giving to God, and then use it on yourselves.”
As he denounces the hypocrisy and greed of the leaders, he is sitting in the temple court where treasure chests were placed for people to bring their offerings. He notices a widow trying to approach alone so no one will notice how little she deposits.
He feels Ruach’s nudge, and interrupts his criticism of Pharisaic laws to direct his disciples’ attention to the widow for an immediate illustration. “Look,” he nods at her. He catches her eye as she turns to go, and gives her a smile full of admiration and affirmation. His words reach her amazed ears, “This poor widow has contributed more than all of these.”
Ruach has shown him her heart of love and he commends her motive and faith. God never misses an opportunity to affirm us; if we are listening, we will hear it.
Tears fill her eyes as she realizes he understands. Her heart sings as she leaves. What she can’t know is that over many years her story will bring more gifts to God’s cause than any of the large gifts being given with great flourish.
Jesus wants them (and us) to know that man’s abuse of gifts given to God can’t keep His blessing from the giver. God delights to honor gifts from a heart of love. They are dearer to Him than huge sums given for show, and He smiles on them.
Then Jesus continues confronting the Pharisees…
Luke 21:1-4,  Mark 12:40-44

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