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Know God in a Year #194 Wise Men from the West

As Jesus is leaving the temple, some Greeks approach Philip in the outer court saying, “We want to see Jesus.” Philip tells Andrew and they go to Jesus.
Jesus receives the message, and his face lights up, “Now is Messiah glorified,” he says. To him it is God’s sign, a promise of results from the sacrifice he is about to make. Just as wise men came from the East to worship after his birth, so now men come from the West to acknowledge and learn from him just before his death. Jesus is encouraged, his work is finished; the world has been covered, and he goes to meet the Greeks.
The disciples are discouraged. Even though Jesus has silenced Pharisees and Sadducees, they know he will never be accepted by them. They don’t understand that giving up his life is the only way to offer life to broken humanity and vindicate God. But now they listen as he shares with the Greeks, and them, trying to prepare them for the shock ahead.
“Unless a grain of wheat falls in the earth and dies, it remains alone…” In this hour-long interview he is teaching the laws of the universe: Self-preservation is not self-protecting, actually it results from self-giving love.
“Whoever serves me, will be with me forever, and my Father will honor him before the universe.” Jesus’ joy is knowing his sacrifice will bring us joy–allow us to become who we truly are, and bring us honor for eternity. We will always be celebrities!
Conversely, the law of self-destruction is self-serving, self-preoccupation, self-protection. What seems intuitively correct to broken people is actually backwards.
John 12:20-26

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