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Know God in a Year #199 “If you did it for them…”

That night on Mount Olivet, Jesus tells parables of ten virgins and ten talents to show his disciples that judgment is based on relationship with God, estimated by one thing–how we relate to the suffering of others. Those who spend time with God will love Him and people, and expect Jesus’ return. Those who are afraid of God or deny His existence will be deceived.
He said there will be those who think they have served him and he will say to them, “But I never knew you.” And yet others will be surprised to hear his commendation saying, “But when did we serve you?” And he will say, “If you did it for any human being, you did it for me.”
He lets us know that even those who never had an opportunity to know about him or Abba, had the influence of the Ruach, and how they responded to Him and the people around them, shows their relationship to God. They worship God ignorantly, and they will not be left out of His kingdom. Every kindness they did is as done to Him.
Angels are continually passing through the earth seeking to comfort, protect, and inspire every person with God’s love for him or her. All of us may work with them.
Millions have never heard that God loves them, yet Jesus willingly suffered so he could implant his love in our hearts. He came into our world, became one of us, to make us capable of caring for others.
Matthew 25

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