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Know God in a Year #212 The Decision Wavers

Peter, James and John hear Jesus’ cries to God, and their impulse is to go to him, but they hesitate. He told us to stay and pray.
Jesus longs for comfort, some word of encouragement or understanding to break evil’s spell. His agony manifests in sweat like blood from the stress.
Exhausted, he struggles to his friends for comfort; again they are sleeping.
The third time he goes to prayer in a horror of darkness. I could wipe off the bloody sweat, let humanity suffer their own consequences, and return to my Father. Satan pushes the thought home.
Earth’s fate trembles. The Father suffers terribly with him, not able to intervene. Angels watch, longing to console him. The unfallen universe watches intently, hardly breathing, as legions of satanic angels enclose around their beloved Lord.
Jesus feels the evil–our future without God, our pain and suffering, feels our helplessness, sees our hopeless end, and his decision is made. I will be the remedy to save man at any cost! With finality he cries, “If this has to be done, I will do it!” And he falls, dying, to the ground, experiencing the separation of “the second death.”*
His decision made, now the Father sends the angel who took Lucifer’s place in heaven to strengthen Jesus with assurance of the Father’s love.
The disciples, awakened by the light, see the bright being holding him, are relieved, and give in to the stupor of sleep overpowering them.
His agony of abandonment continues, but his discouragement and depression are gone.
Matthew 26:42-44,  Mark 14:39-40, Luke 22:42-45, Revelation 20

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