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Know God in a Year #214 Mercy is Evidence of God

Jesus repeats his question, “Whom do you want?”
“Jesus of Nazareth” they say again.
“I’ve told you I am he. If it’s me you want, let these go,” he points to his followers, knowing their faith is weak and wanting to shield them.
Judas has told the soldiers to take the one he kisses–the customary greeting for friends. So now he pretends to have nothing to do with the mob, and taking Jesus hand as a friend he kisses him saying, “Greetings, Master.”
“Friend, have you come to betray me with a kiss?” asks Jesus, but he doesn’t refuse it.
Seeing Judas touch Jesus, the soldiers grow bold enough to bind him.
The disciples can’t believe he lets them take him. They are disappointed; outraged. Peter takes his sword to fight and defend him, but only cuts off the ear of the high priest’s servant.
Jesus can’t help himself, releasing his rope-bound hands, he says to his guards, “Allow this much,” and he touches the servant’s ear, restoring it perfectly. And then turning to Peter, “Put away your sword, those who take the sword will perish by it. Just know that if I asked, my Father would send twelve legions of angels, but then how would I fulfill my destiny? Shall I not accept this cup I’ve chosen to drink?”
Terrified and angry, Peter suggests they save themselves, and they all flee the scene.
The guards rebind Jesus, having again seen evidence of Jesus’ divinity.
Matthew 26:48-54,  Mark 14:44-52,  Luke 22:47-53,  John 18:7-11

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