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Know God in a Year #216 An Oath Turns Backwards

The Jews wanted their Messiah to control and overwhelm their enemies with power and glory… Jesus knows what they want, and his biggest temptation is to give it to them by laying out his cruel tormentors in a flash of divine power.
To be surrounded by people under the control of Satan is revolting to him. But his mission includes taking all the abuse men can give, and staying a man in submission to God.
Annas gives command to take Jesus to Caiaphas.
It is still night, and the council comes together by the light of torches, Caiaphas presiding. He has been jealous of Jesus’ influence, and now is struck with admiration for his God-like bearing–calm and dignified. Quickly banishing that thought, he sneeringly demands a miracle. Not getting any response, he brings in bribed witnesses.
These can’t agree, and Jesus is silent.
“You’ll say nothing?” A nervous Caiaphas now threatens, and fuming with anger, demands, “I adjure you by the living God, tell us if you are the Messiah!”
From respect for the law and the oath to his Father, Jesus replies, “I AM. And after this, you will see me coming in the clouds of heaven.” Jesus’ divine identity flashes through with his words.
Terror strikes Caiaphas who imagines a resurrection and judgment he doesn’t believe in. To hide his fear, he rips his robe pretending horror, “We don’t need witnesses! You have heard his blasphemy!”
They pronounce Jesus worthy of death.
Ironically, tearing priestly garments carries a death sentence.* It ruins the symbol of Messiah’s  gift to all–a robe of wholeness and perfection. Caiaphas condemns himself.
Matthew 26:59-65,  Mark 14:55-63,  John 18:24,28,
*Leviticus 10:6 (This was according to God’s law, given to Moses, which had been amended by the Sanhedrin to exclude blasphemy.)

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