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Know God in a Year #220 Irritation Becomes Awe

Jesus is taken to Pilate, the Roman governor, to confirm Caiaphas’ sentence.
Pilate is not happy at being called this early from his bed. He is irritated and determines to get this done quickly. However he is curious. He assumes this is someone the Jewish leaders are eager to have punished.
He nods at the temple guard who brought him, and looks at Jesus; but he is unprepared. He feels awe. Never has someone radiating goodness and nobility, in his face and bearing, been brought before him.
Pilate’s better nature is aroused, he has heard of Jesus and his works, and now he recalls rumors from different sources. He remembers his wife sharing how a Galilean prophet has cured the sick and raised the dead. He determines to demand their charges.
The priests had hoped Pilate wouldn’t question them–he has hastily condemned men to death for them before. They know the life of a prisoner has little value to him, and signing a death warrant is not a big deal. But now Pilate is demanding charges!
Pilate is remembering Lazarus’ rumors, “…Raised a man four days dead…” Ruach shows him truth, and he suspects the priests of jealousy and foul play.
The priests and rulers have stopped at the entrance, not willing to exclude themselves from Passover by entering a Roman hall. But they call to Pilate, “We wouldn’t have brought him if he wasn’t worthy of death,” implying, how dare you question us!
Pilate turns and says, “If you’re so certain of his guilt, judge him yourselves.”
John 18:28-32

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