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Know God in a Year #225 Religion Becomes a Curse

Outside Pilate’s hall a mob screams “Crucify him!”
“Why? What evil has he done?” Pilate shouts above the roar. Then waiting for it to subside, asks as if horrified, “Shall I crucify your king?”
“We have no king but Caesar!” a priest yells back, wondering at Pilate; and the cry is picked up by the others. Israel’s leaders withdraw their nation from the theocracy, with finality rejecting God as king, pretending allegiance to their hated Roman conquerors. Now they have no protection from evil, no deliverer–a nation ruined by its religious leaders.
Pilate has a basin brought and washes his hands in front of the people saying, “I am innocent of the blood of this just man. You are responsible.”
Caiaphas answers defiantly, “His blood be on us and on our children.” The mob takes up the curse, chanting, “His blood be on us and on our children.”   In choosing Barabbas, a hardened liar, thief, and murderer, they choose his leader–Satan a perpetual curse–and will feel his cruelty for centuries.
Pilate longs to deliver Jesus. Looking at him he thinks, He is a god! and says to Jesus, “Forgive me. I cannot save you.” He knows that the priests will turn their wrath on him if he doesn’t give them what they want. He knows he can’t free Jesus and keep his position.
So Pilate delivers Jesus to soldiers to scourge again and crucify. He violates his conscience, giving into the priests, protecting himself.
Nevertheless, soon after Jesus crucifixion, Pilate is removed as governor and, wounded by pride and remorse, commits suicide. The curse of evil demands its victims.
Matthew 27:31,  Mark 15:14-15,  Luke 23:22-25,  John 19:12-16

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