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Know God in a Year #226 Does God Want Revenge?

Why did Judas and Pilate commit suicide? and the Jews have so much suffering?
Does God get revenge?
The answer is in: All the world’s a stage for God’s character. But we live in the war zone between good and evil. Humans are born under evil’s curse, and can no longer live in God’s physical presence. It would kill us. Our unstable atoms would combust.*
How can we know God and be in His presence? God wants us to experience what They are like, (three beings=one God–one position) and let us decide. One of Jesus’ names, “Emmanuel” means “God with us.”
Adonai (His name before becoming Jesus) proposed that He would become one of us, born under the law of sin and death, experience the curse–the worst that Evil could do–without breaking his dependence on God, even going through death, and it would remove the curse from us.
His death reversed evil’s curse so we can live with Them again. But does that remove the curse from everyone?
No. God can only rescue those who want to be rescued–those who agree with Him. People who like evil, who don’t choose God’s love, are still under the curse.
What Jesus did was take on the curse of evil (death) and take back his kingdom. By rising from death as God, he becomes the antidote. Anyone who “takes” Him–acceptance, trust, surrender–escapes the second death.**  The Jews as a nation didn’t. Judas didn’t. Pilate didn’t. So God couldn’t protect them from Satan. Evil destroys.
God has no evil, hates revenge, loves fairness; but everyone gets to choose.***
John 3:17,  Galatians 3:13-14,  *Hebrews 12:29,  Malachi 4:1-2, **Revelation 20:14,  ***1John 1:5
For more on this topic go to http://arlasoveralls.wordpress.com/perfected through suffering???

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