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Know God in a Year #232 His Compassion Doesn’t Stop

Hearing the words of the condemned man, Jesus’ heart lifts with joy, strengthening him. In the hush following, His melodious, caring voice responds immediately to the thief, “I promise you today, (right now–even though I look helpless) you will be with me in paradise.” A  gleam of sunlight pierces the dark– the affirming token of his success.
Humans can take his clothes, his dignity, even his life, but they can’t take his compassion, or his ability to forgive and restore.
Ruach’s peace and comfort surround the thief until his death many days later–normal death by crucifixion sometimes takes weeks.
Now Jesus sees his mother’s grief-worn face. John has brought her back. He had to come back, and she wanted to come too, needing to be with her son until the end.
Jesus feels her questions and her suffering. She was so sure I would be crowned king–if she only understood. His heart reaches hers and tenderly he says to her, “Mother, he is your son,” and to John, “She is your mother.” Afterwards, John took her to his home, and cared for her, their shared love for Jesus comforting them both.
At noon, a heavy midnight-darkness covers the land for three hours. Now and again thunder cracks, with lightening flashes revealing the cross.
The people think God’s anger is directed at Jesus, when in truth, the darkness is to cover and contain the presence of all three Deity at the cross, to keep their energy from destroying the crowd. Abba and Ruach are there, suffering with Jesus, but even he can’t see or feel Them.
Matthew 27:45-56,  Mark 15:33-41,  Luke 23:43-49,  John 19:25-30

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