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Know God in a Year #233 When God Lets Go

The intense darkness over the area lifts from the hill after three hours, but it still covers Jesus and Jerusalem. The Father covers his son’s last agony of death and His house.
About three o’clock Jesus cries, “My God, my God, why have You abandoned me?”
God isn’t killing Jesus; he is suffering the wrath of God: They are showing the whole universe what happens when God doesn’t rescue, when He allows evil power, and the consequences of our choices, and withdraws from those who don’t choose His life-giving power.
Satan’s whisperings are so loud Jesus can’t see through his death. He feels no connection. He feels no hope. The separation seems so real, so final, it literally breaks his heart. He doesn’t even feel the physical pain.
Suddenly, the gloom lifts, and in trumpet-like triumph Jesus cries out, “IT IS FINISHED!” The cross is encircled in light and he continues, “Father, my life is in your hands.” At these words, the sense of his Father’s love and presence returns, and his face shines like the sun. Jesus bows his head and dies, by faith the winner in the war between good and evil.
At that moment, the temple priest raises the knife over a lamb for the evening sacrifice, the earth begins to shake, and a loud sound of ripping causes horror as the curtain veiling the Most Holy Place tears from top to bottom. The knife falls from the priest’s terrified, limp hand. The lamb escapes. There is no need for veil or lamb anymore.
Matthew 27:45-51,  Mark 15:33-38,  Luke 23:44-46,  John 19:28-30

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