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Know God in a Year #234 No Coincidence

 The people around the cross stand as if paralyzed, holding their breath, gazing at Jesus.
Again the darkness settles and a horrific rumbling is heard deep in the earth.  Terror grabs priests, soldiers, friends, enemies, and the curious as a violent earthquake shakes them to the  ground. Thunder and lightening increase the deafening noise and commotion. Huge rocks split, heaving fragments; graves open and once-dead people come out. All creation seems to be protesting and lamenting together at its creator’s death.
The centurion officiating at Jesus death, says with awe, “Truly, he was the Son of God.” Even to a pagan Roman, Jesus’ God-like self-containment, and the disruption in the natural world speak clearly without coincidence. He isn’t accustomed to seeing men die so quickly, or triumphantly.
The centurion isn’t the only one awed.  All of heaven is.  Amazed angels and unfallen worlds watched with intense interest and emotion as Jesus endured horrible treatment from those he had come to rescue, still expressing caring and compassion for others. They watched him die by ungrateful hands, and at times couldn’t watch, it was so horrible. Now they see who was telling the truth.
As hard as it is to believe, they hadn’t really understood the nature of Lucifer’s rebellion, or his character, until they watched Jesus’ death on the cross. In those agonizing hours, when Jesus couldn’t feel God’s presence, they looked away. Jesus hung onto the evidence in his life. He knew the Father’s character, his great love, fairness, and mercy. His faith held him steadfast.
Matthew 27:51-54,  Mark 15:39,  Luke 23:47-48

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