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Know God in a Year #235 What the Watching Universe Saw

Jesus’ cry, “IT IS FINISHED!” rang from world to world through the universe with great celebration. The battle over, earth was won. Jesus, as the second Adam,* had succeeded as a man; and ransomed our world from Satan!
But even bigger was the assurance that the universe was eternally secure. The truth about God and Satan and sin was finally plain.
Long before our creation, Lucifer (also known as Satan) was trying to persuade angels and other worlds that he was working for their good by exposing God’s true character. Dissatisfaction that he created among the angels was blamed on God. His artful deception kept them from understanding cause and effect, and Satan’s changing character.
Because he had been the covering cherub,”…the highest of all created beings,”** he had been right next to God–living in Love! That closeness gave him more power to deceive. The angels loved and believed him. God worked long, lovingly educating to turn Lucifer back.***
After his break with God’s principles, Satan could use any false manipulation. And especially after Satan caused humanity’s separation from God, it became easier to twist perception and bring fear into serving God.
This is why the Godhead decided that he must be kept alive and given time to show his true character, so his actions would be clearly observed by the whole universe. God’s authority rests on truth, love, and goodness. He never uses compelling force, only compelling evidence.
But as the universe watched Jesus life, especially those final hours, they were amazed and appalled.
*1 Corinthians 15:45-50,  ** Ezekiel 28:12-18,   Isaiah 14:12-17,  ***My imagination of this story–the beginning of evil–is available from Amazon and in Kindle books under the title Love’s Playbook: episode 1 — The Real Story of Cosmic Love and War http://www.amazon.com/author/arlacaraboolad

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