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Know God in a Year #236 The Deceiver Unmasked

Ever since his success with Adam, Satan has tried to ruin the minds and hearts of humans.
God has countered, working for their uplifting, even adding hatred of evil into our broken natures.*
The questioning universe watched.
When Jesus entered our world, Satan was amazed that God would actually become a human, and focused his power and anger on him. In every stage of his life, he was opposed and oppressed, but the more subtle Satan’s temptations, the more fierce his opposition, the more tightly Jesus hung onto his Father’s hand.
The whole universe watched intently as Jesus entered the final conflicts with those who pretended to know and represent God, especially the last 24 hours of his life.
They saw him in Gethsemane, near death, enclosed by legions of dark angels, struggling. They couldn’t bear to watch anymore. And once His choice was made, Gabriel was sent to comfort and encourage him.
They looked on, horrified, as he was betrayed, abused, and denied. They saw Satan and his demons stirring up the mob outside Pilate’s judgment hall. Their eyes were opened.
They couldn’t recognize their former friends, once beautiful angels, in the dark evil powers encircling the cross. With grief and amazement they watched as Jesus was crucified. They saw that Satan was responsible, they saw that separation from God’s love kills, and they saw how much God’s love would cause all Three of God to suffer.
Satan’s true identity as a liar and a murderer was clear. The deceiver was unmasked, his pretense stripped from him–finally.**
Isaiah 33:1, 32:1-7   *Genesis 3:15,  **Love’s Playbook, episode 1, this story of the beginning of evil, is available at Amazon in paperback and on Kindle http://www.amazon.com/author/arlacaraboolad

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